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ACERO is more than just a holding
ACERO is the passion of creation supported by years of experience

The history of Acero Group Holding reaches the year 1994, when Acero S.A. was set up as a company financing implementation of new technologies. (The Company's financial foundations were based on the achievements of the Mega group of companies, involved in the distribution of computer equipment all over Europe in the years 1986-1991, and Focus and Harvest, a group of audio-video equipment wholesale firms acting in Poland between 1990 and 1994).

In 2001 Acero Group began installation of steel constructions in Germany and Spain, at the same time we conducted general construction works in the territories of Germany and Poland.

In 2005 our group of companies started to implement land development projects and large-area projects in Poland as well as residential land development projects in the territory of Silesia.

Today within the scope of our activities lie also the following:

- build and lease of offices and warehousing space.

- sale of land development projects from the areas of Poland, Malta and Spain

- sale of LED industrial lighting.

- implementation of lighting replacement projects according to the ESCO formula.