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Our structures serve infallibly people across Europe


The history of Acero Group Holding reaches the year 1994, when Acero S.A. was set up as a company financing implementation of new technologies. (The Company's financial foundations were based on the achievements of the Mega group of companies, involved in the distribution of computer equipment all over Europe, and Focus and Harvest, a group of...

Our group is composed of:



- ACERO TRADING Sp. z o.o.

- ABM ARTS sp. z o.o.

- ABM Projekt sp. z o.o.

- ABM Malta Trading Ltd

- ABM Management Ltd

- Car 4U Silesia sp. z o.o.

- Colier Sp. z o. o.


- ESTI sp. z o.o.

- Focus Sp. z o.o.

- Forest Property Sp. z o.o.

- Lumen sp. z o.o.

- Morgan Finance Poland sp. z o.o.

- Morgan Logistic sp. z o.o.

- Wawel Development sp. z o.o